Add your festival

So Yo Run a Fest?

What a beautiful activity with plentiful PR actions to make.
Here is quite useful one – once you are here. Submit your festival to our lovely map make another cut in the PR tree, we let your activity grow to the sky like a sprout in the land of Oz.

The steps to your independence are:

  1. Register: either create brand new account or use your Google account whichever suites you better. At this stage your account has zero permissions but you’re in and that’s what counts!
    Wait a minute we’ll get back to you.
  2. Permissions: Once the request reaches us we either let you add your festival anew or tune up the existing one if we find you can act on behalf.
    We may need more information from you at this point, so hang in there.
  3. Adding a festival: Once you get permission, you can update your festival at any time, and if you’re hosting something similar, you can add it as well.

And so now, the first step is to Register

    Looks like you have found some inaccuracy.
    Even Alien Inteligence makes mistakes. Let us know what your human kind mind have found inaccurate.
    Be specific as if you tell it to a child. We like it that way.