16–26 September 2022


36 Mountains Festival is an international contemporary art happening taking place from 16th to 26th September 2022 at the 36 Mountains Studio.The sixth edition of the festival is going to transform the gallery into an arts and culture centre showcasing inspired original artworks produced by over thirty artists.

The purpose of the 36 Mountains Festival is to give young artists a chance to have their work displayed side by side with that of established authors, and to build an international platform that would encompass a large number of authors and the broader public, and to establish a communication channel between artists and citizens.With this in mind, it has been decided to set up three associated group exhibitions, each to represent one of these aspects and goals. The idea is to come up with a dynamic programme within a hectic, limited schedule, in line with the truly unique character of the 36 Mountains Festival.

Vlaška ulica 103, HR-10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska, Zagreb, Croatia
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