IF Illustration Festival

7–8 October 2023


Celebrating the latest and greatest in illustration, this year’s IF (Illustration Festival), from French magazine and editorial platform Kiblind, showcased around 80 remarkable illustrators and countless more creative minds in attendance – there to witness the collective, curated influences of the art form. Taking place over two days in Lyon, IF hosted an eclectic array of activities and exhibitions, from masterclass talks and short film screenings to live exhibitions and ‘Pimp My Body’ stations.

Whilst diving into the seemingly endless imaginations of the festival’s illustrators, IF also ultimately poses creatives a question via its namesake… IF? Encouraging us to open our minds and, much like the wonderfully diverse array of perspectives on show, to look at things slightly differently, to ask new questions and to welcome new contexts. To that end, Kiblind also ensured the festival was free to all, with no one left out.

E.N.S.B.A, Quai Saint-Vincent, Lyon, France
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