2–4 November 2023


IRUDIKA IS AN INTERNATIONAL EVENT, in which the work of the ILLUSTRATION SECTOR IN EUSKADI AND AT NATIONAL LEVEL is shown together with that of the three guest countries, which in this seventh edition will be: Japan, Poland and Nigeria.

This is an event held in Vitora-Gasteiz, organised by the Professional Association of Illustrators of the Basque Country, in which participants and guests from the regional, national and international fields come together for 3 days at the Artium Museum with the aim of creating new professional links between agents and creators from different backgrounds and with a wide variety of projects.

Irudika will hold its next and seventh edition from 2 to 4 November 2023. Artium Museoa in Vitoria-Gasteiz welcomes us once again to enjoy a three-day meeting where illustration is the link between the public and the guests.

Vitoria - Gasteiz
ARTIUM, Francia Kalea, 24
34 946 750 885
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