TINTA Comics Festival

4–8 October 2023


The International TINTA Comics Festival, which takes place every October at Kino Šiška and other venues in Ljubljana and elsewhere in Slovenia, is the central comics event in Slovenia. Founded in 2013, the Tinta Festival (formerly Stripolisfest) brings together various actors of the domestic comics, cultural and art scene in order to popularize comics creativity, and presents the highlights and diversity of domestic comics production and projects that go beyond comics and enter into a lively dialogue with other artistic genres. By hosting established foreign comics creators and experts, it provides insight into the lively international scene and trends in the field of contemporary comics in the world, and with an educational program in the form of lectures, masterclasses, workshops and debates, it aims to develop, expand and deepen the domestic comics creativity and scene.

Center urbane kulture Kino Šiška, Trg prekomorskih brigad 3, 1000 Ljubljana
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