Zine Happening

20–21 May 2023


Les VoiZines was formed in 2015 by zine enthusiasts. We felt that it was high time Ghent had its very own zine fest. Turns out we weren’t the only ones; the first Zine Happening immediately drew a big crowd and formed the base of an international community that still defines the cosy, DIY atmosphere of the festival.

But you may wonder what a zine is? Zines are handmade, independent publications that people make for themselves, to connect with others, to show their work to the outside world, etc. – the possibilities are endless! Content can vary from music, feminism, illustration and poetry to The Simpsons, found photos, travel journals, internet and everything in between. And we mean literally EVERYTHING. There is only one rule: there are no limits.

Our aim is to hold space for artists and creatives of all experience levels in which they can show and share their work. Above all we envision these events being a focal point for the exchanging of ideas, art, learning and growth, in an atmosphere of community that extends beyond the festival.

Ghents long affair with the arts makes it a satisfying place to host the event, it helps to create an atmosphere not of competition but of collaboration. We hope that this is apparent in every Zine Happening we have had and every Zine Happening to come.

After past editions at the local neighbourhood centre and the Industriemuseum, 2019 saw Zine Happening move to Kunsthal Gent, a new arts space in the centre of the city. We are also pleased that Zine Happening 8 will be the fourth collaboration with the like-minded Pulp deLuxe.

Les VoiZines are Valentine Gallardo, Letizia Acosta and Jana Vasiljević.

Lange Steenstraat 14, 9000 Gent, Belgie
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